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The School Equity Caucus is an association of Michigan K-12 and Intermediate public school districts that was founded in January 1987.  The mission of the Caucus is to seek adequate and equitable funding of our K-12 public schools that will enable every school district to provide equal educational opportunity for all children and youth in the State of Michigan.

The membership of the Caucus consists of approximately 200 public school districts located across the State of Michigan.


The organizational structure of the Caucus consists of an executive director, a legislative liaison, and a board of directors. The Board of Directors consists of public school superintendents from every region in the state.


The Caucus Board of Directors meets once a month during the school year and holds an additional organizational meeting during the month of July.  In addition, a general membership meeting is held in the fall and winter of each year.


To become a member of the Caucus, a district completes the membership form and pays annual membership dues according to a fee schedule.  For membership information, check the "Join Us" page.

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