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Current Focus & Activities

Equity in School Resources / Expenses / Legislation / Rules

  • Seek equity in K-12 Foundation / ISD Sec. 81 / Categoricals

  • Utilize findings of recent adequacy studies to develop broad-based funding solutions

  • Convey to legislators and others the equity burden of all legislation, rules, and procedures

Maintain Integrity of School Aid Fund Revenues

  • End the practice of diverting School Aid Fund resources to fund community colleges and universities

  • Resist efforts to support private/parochial schools with public education dollars

School Infrastructure Funding

  • Promote state support of school infrastructure funding

  • Expand allowable uses of district sinking funds

MPSERS Reforms

  • Maintain cap on districts' MPSERS contribution rate

  • Protect pension and health care of retirees

  • Address stranded costs created through privatization and charters

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Activity Highlights

Legislative Focus
  • Advocate for adequate, equitable educational opportunities through a revised funding system 

  • Develop a cohesive, comprehensive educational system in Michigan

  • Return the use of the School Aid Fund to its original constitutional purpose: supporting K-12 public schools

  • Eliminate unfunded mandates, onerous reporting requirements, and the practice of funding through competitive grants

  • Help develop legislation regarding school infrastructure funding

Analytical Publications
  • Revenue Estimating Conference

  • School operational funding

  • School facility funding

  • State school aid revenue sources and expenditures

  • Charter and cyber schools impact

  • School resources vs. student achievement


  • Monthly Caucus Newsletter

  • Caucus Alerts

  • Contacts to legislators and others
    promoting educational issues


  • ESA Legislative Group

  • MASA, MASB, and other educational organizations

  • K-12/ISD superintendents

  • Governmental agencies


  • Superintendent regional meetings

  • County School Board Association meetings

  • State conferences

  • State Board of Education

  • House/Senate Appropriations


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